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The Society for Mathematical Biology Annual Meeting and Conference, July 25-28, 2012

SMB 2012 Minisymposia

MS3: First-year mathematics course reform for biology majors - July 25, 9:40-11:20 a.m.   SESSION A
Organizer: Carrie Diaz Eaton (Mathematics, Center for Biodiversity, Unity College, Unity, ME, USA)
Presenters: Erin Bodine, Hannah Callender, Timothy Comar, Sarah Hews

Summary. A flurry of interest in mathematics course reform for biology majors ensued after the Bio2010 report and others. Beyond 2010, what has changed? What are educators doing now in terms of course reform and assessment, and what resources are available to those that are interested in partial or complete reform of first-year course offerings to meet the needs of the life science majors at their colleges and universities? We introduce some possible curricula structures for first-year course reform, experiences in teaching reformed first-year courses, assessment of objectives, and community resources for integrating first year reform at your institution.