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The Society for Mathematical Biology Annual Meeting and Conference, July 25-28, 2012

SMB 2012 Minisymposia

MS12: Survey of mathematical modeling techniques for wound healing - July 26, 9:40-11:20 a.m.   SESSION D
Organizer: Rebecca Segal (Mathematics and Applied Mathematics, Virginia Commonwealth Univ., Richmond, VA, USA)
Presenters: Rebecca Segal, Angela Reynolds, Richard Schugart, Qi Mi

Summary. Wound healing can be modeled with a range of approaches. ODE models are used to track cell and chemical concentrations to understand the interactions between them and to identify time sensitive treatment therapies. PDE models are used to track blood vessel formation, investigate tissue matrix repair and to understand the spatial dynamics involved in the healing process. Agent based and stochastic models are used to investigate patient specific variables and to understand patient variability in wound healing outcomes. The goal of this minisymposium is to bring together modelers from all these paradigms to share results and forge new collaborations.