NIMBioS Welcomes 22 REU/REV Participants Next Week

NIMBioS is excited to welcome 22 participants next Tuesday to the Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) program and the Research Experiences for Veterinary Students (REV) program. The programs runs for eight weeks. Participants will live on campus and work in teams with NIMBioS postdocs and UT faculty on research at the interface of mathematics and biology. To read more about this year’s REU projects and participating mentors, click here. To read more about this year’s REV projects and participating mentors, click here. The roster for this year’s class of REU/REV participants is as follows:

  • Tiffany Blankenship (Biology, Univ. of Texas-El Paso)
  • Dana-Adriana Botesteanu (Math/French, Mount Holyoke College)
  • Alice Bugman (Veterinary Student, Univ. of Illinois)
  • Rojin Chitrakar (Biology, Eastern New Mexico Univ.)
  • Brooke Daniel (Veterinary Student, North Carolina State Univ.)
  • Frances Goglio (Biology, Univ. of Wisconsin)
  • David Haycraft (Math/Bio/Chemistry, Howard Univ.)
  • Rachel Johnson (Veterinary Student, Univ. of Tennessee)
  • Bridgid Lammers (Veterinary Student, Univ. of Tennessee)
  • Lindsay Lee (Math/Spanish, Univ. of Tennessee)
  • Shaniell Nelson (Campbell County H.S. Bio/Physical Sci. Teacher)
  • An Nguyen (Statistics, Univ. of Tennessee)
  • Cecilia Noecker (Biology/Statistics, St. Olaf College    Biology/Statistics
  • Nik Robl (Veterinary Student,  Univ. of Wisconsin)
  • Shalanda Satchell (PEER Program, Univ. of Tennessee)
  • Krista Schaefer (Math/Pre-Med, Valparaiso Univ.)
  • Shreejaya Shrestha (Math/Economics, Wesleyan College)
  • Carter Tisdale (Biomedical Sci/Spanish, Auburn Univ.)
  • Christa Wisniewski (Wildlife and Conservation Bio, Southeast Missouri State Univ.)
  • Yang Yang (Mathematical Biology/Mathematics, Beloit College)
  • Connie Yong (Math/Statistics, Univ. of Florida)
  • Kelly Zaccheo (Biomathematics/Philosophy, Univ. of Scranton)


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