NIMBioS a Partner on Grant to Train Math and Science Teachers

A STEM education seminar series co-hosted at NIMBioS and a chance for pre-service teachers in math and biology to join the summer NIMBioS REU program are the planned collaborations resulting from a national grant awarded to UT’s VolsTeach program.  VolsTeach allows undergraduates in math, science, or engineering to pursue concurrent certification in secondary teaching. The program was recently awarded a five-year grant from the National Science Foundation’s Robert Noyce Program. The STEM education seminar series will begin in 2012 and meet monthly, with the first speaker expected to talk on teaching climate change. The award will pay for many scholarship opportunities for the teachers-in-training through internships with various programs, including the NIMBioS REU program. Interested VolsTeach students can apply for the competitive REU program when the application process begins next February. If accepted, participants’ expenses for REU will be covered by the new grant. For more information on the award and other ways it will enhance teacher training through the VolsTeach program, check out UT’s press release here.

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