Oh the Possibilities (for Undergraduate Research at NIMBioS)

College students can delve into a variety of different research experiences here at NIMBioS. A column in today’s student newspaper, The Daily Beacon, by NIMBioS Education and Outreach Coordinator Kelly Sturner highlights some of the best, including the summer Research Experience for Undergraduates program. Another opportunity is the annual Undergraduate Research Conference, which was held a few weeks ago. The conference drew more than 100 students from around the country — all ready to talk about their research at the interface of mathematics and biology. “College is a time of great discovery. Undergraduate research is an opportunity for you to make great discoveries in whatever field you are interested in, while also making great discoveries about yourself,” Sturner writes. Sturner also recalls her own journey of discovery as an undergraduate when she landed a research opportunity at Argonne National Laboratory. Read more here.

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