NIMBioS Postdoc Visits Cal State San Marcos

NIMBioS Postdoc Xavier Thibert-Plante

NIMBioS Postdoctoral Fellow Xavier Thibert-Plante discussed his research into the process of ecological speciation at a recent talk at California State University San Marcos (CSUSM). Thibert-Plante’s visit is a part of NIMBioS’ education and outreach efforts to partner with minority-serving institutions like CSUSM to foster collaboration in areas of research, science and education. In his talk, “Local adaptation and gene flow shaping biodiversity; numerical simulation studies,” Thibert-Plante explained how he used an individual-based numerical simulation model to address the contribution of natural selection, sexual selection, and environmental differences on the progression of ecological speciation. He found that natural selection greatly influences progress toward ecological speciation, but without the added contribution of sexual selection, speciation could not be achieved.

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