New to Lead Postdoctoral Activities at NIMBioS

Dr. John C. New Associate Director for Postdoctoral Activities

NIMBioS welcomes John C. New, a professor of public health and epidemiology in the University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture College of Veterinary Medicine, in the newly-created position of associate director for postdoctoral activities at NIMBioS.

New’s research focuses on infectious disease epidemiology, especially zoonotic diseases of free-roaming wildlife and their potential risks to human health and human-animal interactions. In his new role at NIMBioS, New will oversee postdoctoral activities, including organizing appropriate career-oriented activities and enhancing the mentoring plan for postdoctoral fellows. New is familiar with NIMBioS activities, having been involved in NIMBioS since its formation and having co-organized two NIMBioS summer programs of Research Experiences for Veterinary Students.

“Dr. New has already been a valuable mentor to undergraduates and veterinary students conducting research here at NIMBioS during our summer programs. We are excited to be able to extend his involvement with NIMBioS and bring his extensive academic background to help lead our efforts to enhance the postdoctoral experience at NIMBioS,” said NIMBioS Director Louis Gross.

New’s position as associate director is part-time, and he continues to maintain his professorial and research duties in the College of Veterinary Medicine.

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