Extreme Makeover, NIMBioS Edition: Renovations Underway at NIMBioS’ New Home

Mosaic of Claxton Rennovation Pictures

(Clockwise from upper left) Wires dangle from the ceiling and the floor in the future breakout room. Plywood surrounds the side of Claxton Hall, which will serve as NIMBioS' entrance. The future Education and Outreach Office stripped to the bones. A long hallway will soon have new flooring. A classroom awaiting new chairs and a fresh coat of paint.

Renovations began this month on the first floor of Claxton Education Center, the future home of NIMBioS in the heart of the University of Tennessee-Knoxville’s campus. From the beginning NIMBioS has been slated to move to accommodate its growing number of postdocs and staff, and the new space will provide better and larger classrooms and additional conference rooms for our more than 500 visitors a year. The central location will also give NIMBioS a higher profile on campus. Hammers are flying and we expect all to be ready for a move some time this spring.

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