NIMBioS Represents at Evolution 2012

NIMBioS researchers join DJ Jamie Simmonds (second from left) and Baba Brinkman (third from left) at Evolution 2012. Brinkman premiered the NIMBioS-sponsored song, Mad Scientist (Talkin’ Nerdy), at the conference.

Current and former NIMBioS researchers gathered in Ottawa last week for the Evolution 2012 conference. It was the first joint congress on evolutionary biology bringing together five professional societies: American Society of Naturalists, Canadian Society for Ecology and Evolution, European Society for Evolutionary Biology, Society for the Study of Evolution and Society of Systematic Biologists. Erol Akçay (former postdoc), Mauricio González-Forero (graduate assistant), Maud Lélu (postdoc), and Xavier Thibert-Plante (postdoc) presented their recent results in well-attended sessions. In addition, former NIMBioS Songwriter-in-Residence Baba Brinkman presented his famous Rap Guide to Evolution and gave the world premier performance of the NIMBioS-sponsored song, Mad Scientist (Talkin’ Nerdy).

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