All Activities Continue as NIMBioS Recovers from Flood

NIMBioS IT Manager Michael Peek surveys some of the damage on Friday morning.

NIMBioS postdoc Tucker Gilman adapts to the soggy conditions.

With a few inconveniences, operations at NIMBioS are continuing normally in the aftermath of last week’s flooding. A fast and heavy downpour on Thursday night, July 19, along with nearby construction that may have disrupted drainage, caused the flooding of several offices, two conference rooms, a hallway, and a breakroom at NIMBioS’ new location in the heart of the University of Tennessee’s campus.

Several post-doctoral researchers, REU students, and short-term visitors haveĀ  temporarily moved their offices. NIMBioS servers were safely elevated off the ground and experienced no disruptions.

Workshops and activities surrounding the Society for Mathematical Biology annual meeting and conference scheduled later this week are continuing as planned.

On Friday and over the weekend, clean up and repairs began with removal of saturated carpets and damaged drywall. Many large fans and dehumifiers have been brought in to dry out the affected areas. The clean-up and repairs are expected to take about two weeks, but overall NIMBioS has weathered the storm.

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