New Web Interface for Species Distribution Modeling Unveiled

The enhanced species distribution modeling web interface

With the help of NIMBioS, UT’s Remote Data Analysis and Visualization Center (RDAV) has improved the efficiency and usability of the web interface used for species distribution modeling.

Using the Nautilus supercomputer managed by the National Institute for Computational Sciences and scaling the software MaxEnt, the RDAV team created models using the All Taxa Biodiversity Inventory (ATBI) from the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. The ATBI is an extensive data set containing 8,000 species.

With the enhanced web interface, researchers can now interact with sophisticated data about locations and relationships of life species across geographical areas. Enhancements include a streamlined design, a more robust set of tools for analysis of data on species occurrences, and a feature that will facilitate collaboration.

Former NIMBioS postdoctoral fellow Will Godsoe was involved in the project, performing species distribution modeling using the ATBI.

You can read more about the newly enhanced web interface at the RDAV website here.

To visit the enhanced interface, click here.



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