NIMBioS Workshop Inspires New Theme Issue

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new theme issue published this week in Philosophical Transactions B was inspired in part by the recent NIMBioS Workshop on Evolution and Warfare.

“Solving the puzzle of collective action through inter-individual differences: evidence from primates and humans” is compiled and edited by Luke Glowacki, Sergey Gavrilets and Chris von Ruedenheon. Glowacki and Gavrilets co-organized the workshop.

The papers contributed to the theme issue evaluate how individual differences affect the propensity to cooperate and how differences can catalyze others’ likelihood of cooperation, the editors write in the introduction.

“All together, the papers in this theme issue provide a more complete picture of collective action, by embracing the reality of inter-individual variation and its multiple roles in the success or failure of collective action,” the editors explain.

Included are papers emphasizing the relationship between individual decisions and socio-ecological context, particularly the effect of group size.

A number of papers are related to the topics of the NIMBioS workshop held in September.

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