NIMBioS Welcomes New Postdocs

(From left) Sarah Flanagan, Sergei Tarasov, Nourridine Siewe

(From left) Sarah Flanagan, Sergei Tarasov, Nourridine Siewe

Several new postdoctoral fellows will begin their research soon at NIMBioS.

Joining in the summer are Sarah Flanagan, Nourridine Siewe, and Sergei Tarasov. Flanagan (Biology, Texas A&M Univ.) will develop new predictive approaches for next-generation sequencing population genomics studies. Siewe (Mathematics, Howard Univ.) will develop mathematical models of visceral leishmaniasis and malaria co-infection to improve the diagnosis and treatment process. Tarasov (Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Univ. of Oslo) will model and explore the evolution of anatomy ontologies using innovative stochastic processes and two focal groups of insects: dung beetles and wasps.

Lauren Smith, currently a Gaylord Donnelley Postdoctoral Environmental Fellow at Yale Univ., joins NIMBioS as a postdoc in October. Smith proposes research that examines invasive plants in food-webs and the indirect effects on native communities and ecosystems.

Joining in early 2017 are Andrew Rominger and Oyita Udiani. Rominger (Environmental Science, Policy & Management, Univ. of California, Berkeley) will use bio-collections data and hierarchical models to examine large-scale questions in ecology and evolution. Udiani (Applied Mathematics, Arizona State Univ.) will develop a novel game-theoretical approach to learning in models of animal behavior.

NIMBioS postdoc Robin Taylor (Educational Psychology, Educational Research Methods and Analysis, Auburn University, 2012) began her fellowship last month. As a NIMBioS Postdoctoral Fellow in Science Education Research and Evaluation for NIMBioS Evaluation Services, she is helping to development and validate a Quantitative Biology Concept Inventory, which is designed to assess the efficacy of using real-world biology examples to enhance student understanding of quantitative concepts in college-level calculus courses.

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