NIMBioS Postdocs: Where Are They Now?

Postdoctoral PlacementsWhere do NIMBioS postdoctoral fellows go upon completion of their fellowship? More than 85% of NIMBioS postdoctoral fellows accept faculty positions at the world’s top institutions (Top 500, Shanghai Rankings), a far higher success rate than most postdoctoral programs.

Postdocs have accepted faculty positions at R1 institutions and at liberal arts colleges, positions in government, in industry, and further postdoctoral research positions. Recent postings include the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Individual Research Fellowship at University College London, an assistant professorship in integrative biology at the University of Texas at Austin, a Discovery Early Career Research Fellowship at Australian National University, and the Herchel Smith Research Fellowship at the University of Cambridge.

A complete listing of postdoctoral placements is available here. To read full details about our current and former postdocs, visit

Since 2009 when the program was established, NIMBioS has supported 41 postdoctoral fellows for two-year fellowships. NIMBioS postdocs have produced more than 190 journal papers and 160 poster presentations, among many other academic products, including book chapters and software programs.

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