Girls Dig STEM at NIMBioS

Suzanne Lenhart (center) leads a building triangles exercise.
Virginia Dale from Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Fifty middle school girls dug deep into science-technology-engineering-and-math at NIMBioS on Saturday with the Expanding Your Horizons Network STEM Activity Day.

The event was organized by Suzanne Lenhart and Greg Wiggins at NIMBioS, in consultation with Judith Iriate-Gross from Middle Tennessee State University.

Women faculty and staff from the University of Tennessee led hands-on activities, from “Squishing Specimens for Science” to “Powering VOLt City.” They were Virginia Dale from Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Jessica Budke and Liz Derryberry from Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Anne Skutnik from Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Audra Hinson from Microbiology, and LenhartJoan Lind, and Marie Jameson from Mathematics.

The Expanding Your Horizons Network promotes the continuing development in mathematics and science of all people, with particular emphasis on the needs of women and girls.

The day was co-sponsored by the Knoxville Branch of the American Association of University Women (AAUW).

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