Special Issue Dedicated to Lenhart

The November issue of Natural Resource Modeling is dedicated to Suzanne Lenhart, NIMBioS Associate Director for Education and Outreach and a Chancellor’s Professor in Mathematics at UT.

Three former students of Lenhart’s—Rachel Leander, Wandi Ding and René Salinas—guest edited the special issue. Lenhart chaired Leander’s and Ding’s dissertation committees, while Lenhart served on Salinas’ dissertation committee and co-wrote six papers with him. Leander is an assistant professor of mathematics at Middle Tennessee State University and Ding is a professor of mathematics there. Salinas is an associate professor of mathematics at Appalachian State University.

They write: “Suzanne Lenhart’s dedication to making mathematics diverse, inclusive, and accessible sets her apart from other great mathematicians.”

While students at UT, despite her busy schedule, Lenhart was always available. “She had a reputation for being a professor you could go to for help,” they write.

In addition to commending Lenhart’s research accomplishments in the mathematical sciences, the authors note her dedication to helping advance underrepresented students in the STEM fields and to making mathematics accessible to younger students and researchers.

“By making mathematics accessible to a larger and more
diverse group of people, Suzanne contributes immeasurably to the advancement of science,” they write.

Congratulations, Dr. Lenhart!

You can read the full dedication at https://doi.org/10.1111/nrm.121988

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