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In this video, discover how the program helps kids from kindergarten to 12th grade learn about the wonders of the natural world, while also learning the scientific methods and math skills needed to understand that world.

NIMBioS Teams Up with Biology in a Box

NIMBioS is helping bring mathematics education to life – to life sciences, that is. In partnering with UT-Knoxville's Biology in a Box K-12 education outreach program, NIMBioS is working collaboratively to integrate quantitative exercises into ten hands-on, inquiry-based life science units, with more under development. Many activities are now useful for teaching both applied mathematics and life science, and the connections between the two.

  • Activity booklets and materials lists are freely available for download.
  • Themes include: Fossils, Backyard Naturalist, It's in Your Genes, and many more.
  • Boxes are available in 80 school systems in Tennessee.
  • Schools and teacher preparation programs also use the boxes in Georgia, Kentucky, North Carolina and Washington D.C., with national interest growing.
  • Biology in a Box activities are demonstrated and shared with teachers at state, regional and national professional conferences.
  • Shortened versions of activities have appeared in the Biology By Numbers blog on the Talking Science website (an initiative of NPR's Science Friday).
  • Some activities have been published in The American Biology Teacher, with more to come.

Biology in a Box Units

Biology in a Box Unit #1: Fossils (PDF) 2012
Biology in a Box Unit #2: Of Skulls and Teeth (PDF) 2012
Biology in a Box Unit #3: Fur, Feathers & Scales: Insulation (PDF) 2012
Biology in a Box Unit #4: Simple Measures (PDF) 2012
Biology in a Box Unit #5: It's in Your Genes (PDF) 2012
Biology in a Box Unit #6: Animal Kingdom (PDF) 2012
Biology in a Box Unit #7: Backyard Naturalist (PDF) 2012
Biology in a Box Unit #8: Everything Varies (PDF) 2012
Biology in a Box Unit #9: Forestry (PDF) 2012
Biology in a Box Unit #10: Behavior (PDF) 2013

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For general inquiries and more information on NIMBioS's role in Biology in a Box, please contact: Suzanne Lenhart

For more information on how to bring Biology in a Box to your school district, please contact: J.R. Jones, UTK Biology in a Box Production Manager, at

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