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June 16, 2020. New online tutorials: Dynamical systems in cultural evolution
March 16, 2020. Bargain-hunting for biodiversity: New tool pinpoints conservation targets

April 3, 2019. NIMBioS Awards $50,000 to UT Graduate Students

November 8, 2018. Templeton Foundation funds project to advance study of cultural evolution
October 8, 2018. New quantitative skills curriculum wins funding
October 4, 2018. Bag a job, bag your prey: Search theory used to manage threats from overhunting
April 17, 2018. US Defense Department supports new DySoC research on political instability
February 1, 2018. New center explores dynamics of social complexity
January 1, 2018. Curbing climate change: Study finds strong rationale for the human factor

December 19, 2017. Climate change may favor large plant eaters over small competitors
June 29, 2017. Gross named new director of NIMBioS
June 20, 2017. Mathematical biology tackles destructive plant virus
May 22, 2017. The right thing to do: Why do we follow unspoken group rules?
March 20, 2017. New test detects early stage of wasting disease in cattle
March 14, 2017. Power of shared pain triggers extreme self-sacrifice
January 4, 2017. Male pipefish pregnancy, it's complicated

November 29, 2016. Human groups key to preserving natural resources
October 3, 2016. New national institute explores evaluation science
September 26, 2016. New fossil computer game teaches science, math fundamentals
July 7, 2016. Tails might have helped vertebrates evolve from sea to land
June 8, 2016. Mathematical simulation of open-heart surgery lends clues to kidney failure
June 3, 2016. Constructing shale gas sites: Algorithm reduces environmental impact at reasonable expense
April 13, 2016. Vazquez to receive 2016 Blackwell-Tapia Prize   (pdf)
January 25, 2016. Study shows large variability in abundance of viruses that infect ocean microorganisms
January 7, 2016. Study reveals deep ties between diverse tropical rainforests
January 4, 2016. New methods help advance infectious disease forecasting

December 17, 2015. The evolution of antievolution policies: Study shows ancestral relationships of modern creationist legislation
December 16, 2015. Special collection explores origin and evolution of play
November 30, 2015. Strolling salamanders provide clues on how animals evolved to move from water to land
November 11, 2015. Evaluating science: New approaches to assess science education and research efforts
November 6, 2015. What makes a leader? Clues from the animal kingdom
September 10, 2015. Mental math helps monk parakeets find their place in pecking order
September 8, 2015. Parasitic disease: Contact rates, competition matter in transmission
August 24, 2015. NIMBioS receives NSF grant to assess student learning in mathematics
August 5, 2015. Students create tool to stop pests in their tracks
June 30, 2015. Location isn't everything but timing is for certain spawning fish
May 15, 2015. It's best to make friends of friends - Even the spotted hyena knows that
May 12, 2015. The mighty seed: Best conservation practices consider both genetics and biology
April 29, 2015. Study advances new tool in the fight against invasive species
April 27, 2015. Tracking an invasive bird: Study reveals similar genetic, geographic patterns in monk parakeet
January 22, 2015. Study projects unprecedented loss of corals in great barrier reef due to warming

November 26, 2014. Prehistoric conflict hastened human brain's capacity for collaboration, study says
October 15, 2014. National institute specializing in mathematical and biological synthesis names new director
September 30, 2014. Research confirms controversial Darwin theory of "jump dispersal"
September 17, 2014. Being social: Learning from the behavior of birds new study elucidates the social world of parrots
August 20, 2014. The ABCs of animal speech: Not so random after all
August 19, 2014. New textbook introduces undergraduates to mathematics for the life sciences
July 30, 2014. Saving seeds the right way can save the world's plants
July 9, 2014. Study predicts ranavirus as potential new culprit in amphibian extinctions
May 2, 2014. Researchers receive top honors for ecology paper
March 26, 2014. The altruistic side of aggressive greed: Study explains new twist in group cooperation

December 22, 2013. Study offers clues to how plants evolved to cope with cold
October 23, 2013. Name that tune: Algorithm used in music retrieval systems applied to help identify dolphin whistles
October 9, 2013. Climate change threatens Northern American turtle habitat
September 23, 2013. Math explains history: Simulation accurately captures the evolution of ancient complex societies
August 27, 2013. Tennessee high school students publish in top science journal
August 19, 2013. Altruism or manipulated helping?
August 5, 2013. Chronic harvesting threatens tropical tree
July 17, 2013. NIMBioS wins $18 million renewal award from National Science Foundation   (PDF)
June 19, 2013. Biological fitness trumps other traits in mating game
April 22, 2013. Can the friend of my friend be my enemy? Choice affects stability of the social network
March 7, 2013. Net advantage: Study finds use of bed nets by 75 percent of population could eradicate malaria
February 11, 2013. U.S. Supreme Court under the microscope: Biodiversity statistics reveal mixed results in Court makeup
February 4, 2013. Avoiding a cartography catastrophe: Study recommends new tools to improve global mapping of infectious disease

December 11, 2012. Study finds epigenetics, not genetics, underlies homosexuality
November 13, 2012. NIMBioS songwriter spins science tunes on new EP   (pdf)
November 1, 2012. Privacy vs. Protection: Study considers how to manage epidemics in information blackouts
August 13, 2012. NIMBioS study finds bullies squelched when bystanders intervene
July 23, 2012. Babies, bees, and Bieber fever among topics to be addressed at international mathematical biology conference
May 28, 2012. Family values: Faithful females who choose good providers key to evolutionary shift to modern family, study finds
March 4, 2012. Escaping parasites and pathogens: New mathematical model explains how hosts survive parasite attacks

November 4, 2011. Biodiversity can promote survival on a warming planet
July 8, 2011. Drug designer: New tool reveals mutations that cause HIV-drug resistance
June 24, 2011. The mechanics of speciation: Model examines factors that contribute to the emergence of new species
June 23, 2011. Students conduct research at UT to control spread of E. coli
May 31, 2011. NIMBioS website receives award
May 20, 2011. Species reemergence after collapse: Possible but different
April 15, 2011. NIMBioS welcomes Timothy Sellers
March 29, 2011. To meet, greet or retreat during influenza outbreaks?
March 2, 2011. Tutorial addresses migrating from the desktop
February 28, 2011. Ecology of microbes focus of workshop
February 14, 2011. Culling can't control deadly bat disease
February 3, 2011. Wasting disease in cattle focus of workshop
January 19, 2011. Mathematical model explains how complex societies emerge, collapse
January 18, 2011. Malaria modeling and control focus of workshop
January 13, 2011. Body weight regulation and metabolism focus of workshop
January 6, 2011. Tutorial addresses multi-cell, multi-scale modeling

December 8, 2010. Providing incentives to cooperate can turn swords into plowshares
December 8 2010. Synchrony in biological systems focus of workshop
November 22 2010. The puzzle of biological diversity
November 11 2010. How do complex societies arise?
November 3 2010. Tutorial addresses stochastic modeling in biological process
September 29 2010. UT's remote data analysis and visualization center enters full production
July 29 2010. HPC for Phylogenetics Tutorial aims to reduce analysis time
June 11 2010. Model explains rapid transition toward division of labor in biological evolution
June 9 2010. Solid tumor modeling focus of workshops
June 9 2010. Wildlife, virus zoonoses focus of workshop
May 13 2010. Emergence of fungal plant diseases linked to ecological speciation
April 27 2010. 2010 NIMBioS/UBM Award Winners Chosen    .PDF   
April 14 2010. Species distribution models can exaggerate differences in environmental requirements
April 12 2010. Students selected for math, biology summer research program    .PDF   
April 9 2010. Modeling reef ecosystems focus of workshop    .PDF   
February 15 2010. NIMBioS Director to Lead AAAS Symposium Investigating math applications in biology    .PDF   
February 8 2010. Modeling Toxoplasma focus of workshop    .PDF   

October 28 2009. Trees facilitate wildfires as a way to protect their habitat    .PDF   
October 9 2009. NIMBioS hosts 200 undergraduates at national research conference Oct. 23-24    .PDF   
October 9 2009. R.B. Morris, Maggie Longmire among musicians joining scientists for songwriting event    .PDF   
October 9 2009. NIMBioS hosts tutorial on Optimal Control and Optimization for Biologists    .PDF   
September 23 2009. Workshop targets control-theoretic approaches for agent-based models    .PDF   
August 13 2009. NIMBioS celebrates first year With more than 400 participating scientists, scholars    .PDF   
July 22 2009. NIMBioS to host UBM conference Oct. 23-24    .PDF   
July 22 2009. The value of variation: Ecologists consider the causes and consequences    .PDF   
July 10 2009. UT undergraduates selected for national biology education conference    .PDF   
July 6 2009. Scientists from Scotland to Sweden arrive in Knoxville to study bovine TB    .PDF   
May 27 2009. Biologists consider unifying framework to explain evolutionary puzzles    .PDF   
May 19 2009. Ecologists consider new mathematical method in research    .PDF   
May 11 2009. Scientists examine human behavior and the threat of disease    .PDF   
May 8 2009. Unraveling the mystery of white-nose syndrome in bats    .PDF

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