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NIMBioS Innovator Workshops

NIMBioS is no longer accepting applications for new Innovator Workshops.

Innovator Workshops at NIMBioS aim to enhance understanding of important questions at the intersection of biology and mathematics and to generate new approaches for addressing them.

Organized by active researchers in academia, government or industry, Innovator Workshops at NIMBioS provide a dynamic, highly interactive forum for the presentation and discussion of cross-disciplinary research at the forefront of biological, mathematical, computational, and social science.

Over the course of 3 to 5 days, these workshops gather experts in the field and provide outstanding networking opportunities. A key outcome is the development of new collaborations.

Innovator Workshops offer a more streamlined review process as opposed to our traditional Investigative Workshops.


Innovator Workshops can provide you with the path to disseminating your research for broader impact.

Today grant applicants are expected to justify the "broader impact" of proposed research, and grant reviewers are expected to consider explicitly the adequacy of the proposal's resources for broader impacts. Innovator Workshops are one way to do that.

Support Options

NIMBioS covers all expenses (travel, lodging and meals) for organizers/instructors. NIMBioS does not provide honoraria or stipends. Participants selected from the open applicant pool cover their own expenses and pay a nominal registration fee.


  • For nearly a decade, NIMBioS has hosted more than 40 successful workshops with more than 1,500 participants on a wide variety of topics.
  • Access to NIMBioS expertise in creating, promoting and managing successful workshops in cross-disciplinary areas
  • State-of-art technology and advanced physical infrastructure that promotes interaction and enhances collaboration
  • A beautiful setting for learning at Tennessee's flagship land grant university near the Great Smoky Mountains


Researchers interested in organizing a workshop should send a letter of interest to NIMBioS describing the proposed topic, key questions to be addressed, and names of up to 4 primary presenters whose expenses would be fully covered by NIMBioS. An additional 25 to 35 participants will be identified through an open application process for approved workshops. These additional participants cover their own expenses and may pay a registration fee. We expect to have some supplements for graduate students.

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I have never experienced a more efficient, hassle-free workshop as an organizer than with NIMBioS. Because everything was set-up, this allowed me to focus on the workshop itself and the resulting collaborations and future projects that developed from this meeting. I have nothing but praise for NIMBioS, and I wish their model was emulated more. Quote image. —Workshop Organizer

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