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NIMBioS Personnel

Director photo. Leadership Team.  NIMBioS' Leadership Team includes our Director and Associate Directors.

Affiliate faculty photo. Affiliate Faculty.  NIMBioS Affiliate Faculty serve in both an advisory role to NIMBioS and as a pool of possible mentors for post-doctoral fellows and summer undergraduate research experience students. They provide local expertise in fields related to many NIMBioS activities, including working groups and investigative workshops.

Staff photo. Staff.  Meet the dedicated staff who keep NIMBioS running from day to day, performing tasks that include travel and business, education and outreach, information technology, communication, evaluations, and database management.

Postdoc photo. NIMBioS-affiliated Postdocs.  NIMBioS has provided opportunities for postdoctoral scholarship at the interface between mathematics and biological science.

Visitors photo. Visitors at NIMBioS.  Short-term visitors to NIMBioS are supported for periods up to one week to assist their efforts at the interface between mathematics and biology. NIMBioS is also open to requests for self-supported visits not needing financial support lasting up to several months duration, with the length of stay determined by the objectives of the proposed project.

GRA photo. NIMBioS Graduate Research Assistants.  Beginning in 2008, NIMBioS supported UTK/UTIA graduate students working in high priority areas at the interface between mathematics and biology. Projects that foster interdisciplinary interactions across campus units were of particular interest. NIMBioS is currently not accepting new requests for support for Graduate Assistantships.

Logo image. Past NIMBioS Participants.  A full listing of participants who have attended a NIMBioS-sponsored event. For each participant, their full name, affiliation at the time of participation, and all events they attended are displayed.

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