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Past NIMBioS Postdoctoral Fellow

Jiang Jiang

J. Jiang photo. Dates: July 2012 – September 2014
Twitter: @ecomodeller
Project Title: Predicting and detecting consequences of storm surges on coastal vegetation regime shifts

As a NIMBioS postdoctoral fellow, Jiang Jiang (Ph.D. Biology, University of Miami, 2012) developed models that couple ecological-hydrologic processes to understand vulnerability of coastal ecosystems in response to global change. The models were used to investigate relative importance of internal positive feedbacks versus external environmental factors in coastal habitat changes, regime shifts of coastal vegetation, ecotone resilience, and plant community assemblies. Upon completing his fellowship at NIMBioS, Dr. Jiang accepted a position as postdoctoral fellow in the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology in University of Tennessee. For his new position, he is working on plant-mycorrhizal interactions and improving below-ground carbon degradation models.

LiveScience Profile Q&A with Dr. Jiang: Math improves grasp of storm surge effects

NIMBioS Seminar: Modeling mangrove-hardwood hammock ecotone

Video Interview: Climate change and coastal vegetation


First Prize, MCED Award for Innovative Contributions to Ecological Modelling

F1000 2012 Travel Grant Award, Ecology section

Publications while at NIMBioS

Gaoue OG, Jiang J, Ding W, Agusto FB, Lenhart S. 2015. Optimal harvesting strategies for timber and non-timber forest products in tropical ecosystems. Theoretical Ecology.

Gaoue OG, Ngonghala CN, Jiang J, Maud L. 2015. Towards a mechanistic understanding of the synergistic effects of harvesting timber and non-timber forest products. Methods in Ecology and Evolution.

Jiang J, DeAngelis DL, Teh SY, Krauss KW, Wang H, Li H, Smith TJ, Koh HL. 2015. Defining the next generation modeling of coastal ecotone dynamics in response to global change. Ecological Modelling. [Online]

Moore JAM, Jiang J, Post WM, Classen AT. 2015. Decomposition by ectomycorrhizal fungi alters soil carbon storage in a simulation model. [Online]

Jiang J, DeAngelis DL, Zhang B, Cohen JE. 2014. Population age and initial density in a patchy environment affect the occurrence of abrupt transitions in a birth-and-death model of Taylor's law. Ecological Modelling, 289: 59-65. [Online]

Jiang J, DeAngelis DL. 2013. Strong species-environment feedback shapes plant community assembly along environmental gradients. Ecology and Evolution, 3(12): 4119-4128. [Online]

Jiang J, DeAngelis DL, Anderson GH, Smith TJ. 2013. Analysis and simulation of propagule dispersal and salinity intrusion from storm surge on the movement of a marsh-mangrove ecotone in south Florida. Estruaries and Coasts, 37(1): 24-35. [Online]

Jiang J, Fuller D, Teh SY, Zhai L, Koh HL, DeAngelis DL, Sternberg LDL. 2014. Bistability of mangrove forests and competition with freshwater plants. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology. [Online]

Presentations while at NIMBioS

Jiang J. 27 January 2014. Modeling complex ecological dynamics. Invited Talk, Dept. of Biological Sciences, University of Texas, El Paso, El Paso, TX.

Jiang J. 6 November 2013. Regime shift in a self-organized coastal wetland ecotone. 22nd Biennial Conference of the Coastal and Estuarine Research Federation, San Diego, CA.

Beckmann C, Bloom J, Lambert J, Ward R, Ilany A, Jiang J. 2 August 2013. Modeling animal social network dynamics. REU 2013 Presentations, NIMBioS, Univ. of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN.

Jiang J. 25 February 2013. Understanding ecological processes of species-environment interactions. Invited talk, South Florida Water Management District, West Palm Beach, FL.

Jiang J. 18 September 2012. Modeling mangrove-hardwood hammock ecotone. NIMBioS Seminar Series, NIMBioS, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN.


NIMBioS Working Group Participant: Food Web Dynamics, December 2012; Nonautonomous Systems and Terrestrial Carbon Cycle, March 2014; Plant-Soil Feedback Theory, October 2013, April 2014

NIMBioS Tutorial Participant: Computing in the Cloud, April 2014

National Institute for Computational Science, UTK, Workshop Participant: A Crash Course in Supercomputing, March 2013

Education, Outreach and Training

Mentored students during the 2013 NIMBioS REU program for the project: Modeling animal social network dynamics

Assisted with labs during the 2013 NIMBioS-MBI-CAMBAM graduate summer program

Assisted with 4th Annual Undergraduate Research Conference at the Interface of Biology and Mathematics, November 2012

Attended NIMBioS Postdoc Career Development Seminars, NIMBioS Interdisciplinary Seminars, University of Tennessee Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology (EEB) Seminars, and EEB’s Aimee Classen lab meetings

Media Coverage

Our changing shoreline: Modeling the effects of storm surges on coastal vegetation. MPE2013.

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