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Suzanne O'Regan

Suzanne O'Regan photo. Dates: January 2015 – August 2016
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Twitter: @SuzanneMORegan
Project Title: A mathematical framework for elucidating the impact of environmental drivers on the incidence of emerging and re-emerging pathogens

Suzanne O'Regan (Applied Mathematics, University College Cork, Ireland, 2011) is developing a mathematical framework to elucidate the influence of changing environmental drivers on infectious disease risk. After completing her fellowship, O'Regan joined the Department of Mathematics at North Carolina A&T State University as an assistant professor.

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Feature article: Parasitic disease: Contact rates, competition matter in transmission

Video Interview: Tipping points in epidemics

Publications while at NIMBioS

  • O'Regan SM. 2018. How noise and coupling influence leading indicators of population extinction in a spatially extended ecological system. Journal of Biological Dynamics 12(1): 211-241. [Online]
  • O'Regan SM, Burton DL. 2018. How stochasticity influences leading indicators of critical transitions. Bulletin of Mathematical Biology 80(6): 1630-1654. [Online]
  • Peace A et al. 2019. A highly invasive chimeric ranavirus can decimate tadpole populations rapidly through multiple transmission pathways. Ecological Modelling 410:108777. [Online]
  • Sims C, Finnoff D, O'Regan SM. 2016. Public control of rational and unpredictable epidemics. Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization. [Online]
  • O'Regan SM, Lillie JW, Drake JM. 2015. Leading indicators of mosquito-borne disease elimination. Theoretical Ecology: pp. 1-18. [Online]
  • O'Regan SM, Vinson JE, Park A. 2015. Interspecific contact and competition may affect the strength and direction of disease-diversity relationships for directly transmitted microparasites. The American Naturalist 186(4):480–494. [Online]

Grants/Proposals while at NIMBioS

Han B, Drake JM, O’Regan SM. 2017. Global patterns, predictors, and their dynamical consequences in zoonotic diseases of mammals. National Science Foundation, Ecology and Evolution of Infectious Diseases Program, $2,000,000. Funded.

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