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2016 SRE Program Participant Profiles: JOSHUA DARVILLE

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Hometown: Nassau, Bahamas
School: Fisk University
Major/Degree and Year: Physics and Mechanical Engineering, Sophomore
SRE Mentors: Quentin Johnson, Tongye Shen
SRE Research Project: Decoding Allostery by Mathematical Analysis of Molecular Dynamics Simulations

Why did you apply to the SRE program?
I applied to the SRE program for experience within the field of research and to get a feel of the working environment associated with research. I’m also interested in independent forms of work.

What is the purpose of your research?
This project investigates the manipulation of the genetic coding instruction found in DNA. The aim of the project is to test whether DNA coding in humans can be successfully manipulated to have beneficial results. The findings of the research could potentially create a breakthrough in science and medicine. By understanding how signals are sent from DNA to proteins, this information could be used as a treatment to regulate processes that are creating disease by manipulating the body’s instructions. This field of biology is fairly new. Allostery contains many unexplored unknowns, which makes make the research opportunities vast for future graduates.

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Aside from the incredible professors, the individuals whom I worked with were intelligent and passionate about the program, which made the experience more enjoyable. Quotation image.

– Joshua Darville, SRE participant

Do you have an interesting "personal side" to your research experiences?
I personally want to learn about the techniques used in research for the purpose of implementing and conducting research in my home country of the Bahamas. Few students like me are home working toward the opportunity to take part in the experience a program like NIMBioS offers. I would like to be a future channel for those students.

What were your favorite parts of the SRE program?
I enjoyed meeting new people who share common interests. Aside from the incredible professors, the individuals whom I worked with were intelligent and passionate about the program, which made the experience more enjoyable.

What new experiences did you gain that have helped you today?
The exposure to concepts outside of my field of engineering has not only helped within this program, but could be useful in future endeavors. Skills such as presenting, collaboration and comprise are just a few of many tools acquired within this program.

What advice would you give someone who's interested in/curious about participating in the program?
The program is moderately intensive, so I would suggest to those who are interested to work hard and to become familiar with all new and relevant information that can enhance your research findings. Everyone is from a different background, so never be afraid to ask questions.

Would you recommend our program to others?
Yes, I would recommend to this program. It has been a very enlightening experience, and I am grateful for the opportunity to be in a diverse group of students of varying backgrounds within college.

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