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Participants for NIMBioS Tutorial

Fast, Free Phylogenies: HPC for Phylogenetics (October 13-15, 2010)

ParticipantInstitutional affiliation
Jason Bond Biology, East Carolina Univ.
Gustavo Bravo Biological Sciences, Louisiana State Univ.
Johanna Cannon Biological Sciences, Auburn Univ.
Kyong-Sook Chung Morton Arboretum
Eric Carr NIMBioS
Karen Cranston Field Museum of Natural History
Jim Ferguson NICS UTK/ORNL
Phillip Harris Molecular Phylogenetics, Ecology & Evolution, Univ. of Alabama
Heather Heinz Biology, Villanova Univ.
Brendan Hodkinson Biology, Duke
Dwueng-Chwuan Jhwueng NIMBioS
Elizabeth Long Center for Population Biology, UC Davis
Patrick Matheny Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, UTK
Sheldon McKay iPlant
Nicholas Matzke Center for Theoretical and Evolutionary Genomics, UC Berkeley
Camila Mazzoni Berlin Center for Genomics in Biodiversity Research
Daniel Miranda Universidad Industrial de Santander
Michael Moore Biology, Oberlin College
James Munro School of Medicine, Institute of Genome Science, Univ. of Maryland, Baltimore
Stuart Nielsen Biology, Univ. of Mississippi
Brian O'Meara Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, UTK
Eric O’Neill Univ. of Kentucky
Susanne Renner Systematic Botany and Mycology, Univ. of Munich
Josephine Rodriguez NCEAS
Catalina Salgado Plant Science and Landscape Architecture, Univ. of Maryland College Park
Millicent Sanciangco Biology, Old Dominion Univ.
Andrea Schwarzbach Biological Sciences, Univ. of Texas Brownsville
Chengli Shen Infectious Diseases & Microbiology, Univ. of Pittsburgh
Michelle Smith Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, UTK
Alexis Stamatakis Computer & Communication Sciences, Tech. Univ. of Munich
Dan Stanzione Adv. Computing Ctr/iPlant, Texas
Robert Thomson Center for Population Biology, UC Davis
Robin Van Velzen Biosystematics, Wageningen Univ.
Ximena Velez-Zuazo Univ. of Puerto Rico-Rio Piedras
James Wilgenbusch Scientific Computing, Florida State Univ.
Grace Wyngaard Biology, James Madison Univ.
Xiaohan Yang Plant Genomics Group, ORNL
Ya Yang Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, Univ. of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Kowiyou Yessoufou Botany & Plant Biotechnology, Univ. of Johannesburg, South Africa)
Tutorial leaders

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