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Participant List for NIMBioS Working Group:

Modeling Bovine Tuberculosis

ParticipantInstitutional affiliationMeetings
Folashade Agusto NIMBioS1,2
Shweta Bansal Pennsylvania State Univ.1,3
Michael Buhnerkempe Biology, Colorado State Univ. 1,2,3
Matt Farnsworth USDA, Centers for Epidemiology and Animal Health1,2,3
Carolyn Gates Epidemiology, Univ. of Edinburgh2
Dan Grear Colorado State Univ. 3
Graham Hickling Univ. of Tennessee1
John Kaneene Center for Comparative Epidemiology, Michigan State Univ. 1,2,3
Jason Lombard USDA, Centers for Epidemiology and Animal Health1,2,3
Ryan Miller USDA, Centers for Epidemiology and Animal Health1,2,3
Agricola Odoi* Comparative Medicine, Institute of Agriculture, Univ. of Tennessee1,2,3
Katie Portacci USDA, Centers for Epidemiology and Animal Health1,2,3
Michael Tildesley Institute for Immunology and Infection Research, Univ. of Edinburgh1
Matthew Vernon Biological Sciences, Univ. of Warwick1,2,3
Colleen Webb* Biology and Mathematics, Colorado State Univ.1,2,3
Uno Wennergren Biology, Linkoping Univ.1,2,3
*Group organizers
Mtg 1: Feb 17-18, 2010
Mtg 2: Jan 31-Feb 1, 2011
Mtg 3: Dec 13-14, 2011

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