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Discover Birds! Changing Populations and Birds Champions

These activities were developed for grades 4-6. Math is for the birds! Use real data from the North American Breeding Bird Survey to find out what's happening to Tennessee populations of Eastern Bluebird, Wild Turkey and Northern Bobwhite over time. In a second activity, practice solving some arithmetic problems to discover which North American birds are the tallest, fastest, and more! Both activities, designed by NIMBioS, appeared in the Discover Birds Activity Book published in 2012 sponsored by the Tennessee Ornithological Society (TOS) and the Knoxville Chapter of TOS. Illustrations are by Vickie Henderson. Note that all material is copyrighted but may be reproduced for educational and not-for-profit use with attribution.

Activity Sheet Files:
Changing Populations (pdf)
Populations answer key (.pdf)
Birds Champions (pdf)
Bird Champions answer key (.pdf)

Activity Sheets in Spanish:
Cambiando Poblaciones (Changing Populations) (pdf)
Campeones de Aves (Birds Champions) (pdf)
Recursos (Answer key for both) (pdf)

Recommended Additional Resources:
Tennessee Watchable Wildlife
Cornell Lab of Ornithology All About Birds

Materials needed: Activity sheets, pencil

Discover Birds Module in action:
Discover Birds Blog
Kids Discover Birds with Math

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