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2018 Summer Research Experiences (SRE) at NIMBioS for Undergraduates

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SRE 2018 participants.

The 2018 NIMBioS Summer Research Experiences (SRE) for Undergraduates was held May 29 – July 20, 2018 at NIMBioS on the campus of the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. Participants from all over the country worked in teams with NIMBioS postdocs and UT faculty on research at the interface of mathematics and biology. Participants received free university apartment-style housing, a stipend of $4100, and up to $650 of support for travel to/from Knoxville.

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2018 Projects

2018 Participants

Click on the names below for comments from some of the 2018 SRE participants.

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Annastashia Blesi
Hometown: Atoka, TN
School: University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Major/Degree and Year: Physics; Senior
SRE Mentors: Suzanne Lenhart, Becky Trout Fryxell
SRE Research Project: Mosquito Population Response to Environmental Variables

Sadhana Chidambaran photo.

Sadhana Chidambaran
Hometown: East Brunswick, NJ
School: Rutgers University
Major/Degree and Year: Genetics and Computer Science; Junior
SRE Mentors: Michael Gilchrist and Brian O'Meara
SRE Research Project: Using Phylogenetics to Understand Cancer Tumor Evolution

Kevin de Angeli photo.

Kevin de Angeli
Hometown: Buenos Aires, Argentina
School: Texas A&M-Kingsville
Major/Degree and Year: Mathematics/Statistics; Senior
SRE Mentors: Charlotte Chang and Xingli Giam
SRE Research Project: Spatial Interactions between Hunting and Plant Gathering in Tropical Forests

Brielle Kwarta photo.

Brielle Kwarta
Hometown: Rochester, NY
School: Houghton College
Major/Degree and Year: Mathematics (Major); Biology and Education (Minors); Senior
SRE Mentors: Suzanne Lenhart, Charles Sims, Teresa Fisher
SRE Research Project: Modeling the Management of Feral Cats with Economic Impacts

Benjamin Schenck photo.

Benjamin Schenck
Hometown: Richmond, VA
School: The College of William and Mary
Major/Degree and Year: Applied Mathematics and Biology; Senior
SRE Mentors: Mona Papeş and Greg Wiggins
SRE Research Project: Ecological Niche Modeling and Risk Assessment of Thousand Cankers Disease

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