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Summer Research Experiences (SRE) at NIMBioS for Undergraduates

2018 SRE Participants

Eeman AbbasiEcology, Mount Holyoke CollegeHunting/Gathering Interactions
Brianna AlredEcology and Evolutionary Biology, Univ. of TennesseeEcological Niche Modeling
Amelia BerleBiological Sciences, Lewis & Clark CollegeCancer Tumor Evolution
Annastashia BlesiPhysics, Univ. of Tennessee Mosquito Population Response
Sarah BrockBiomedical Sciences, Univ. of Tennessee Modeling Feral Cats
Samantha BrozakMathematics, Arizona State Univ.Mosquito Population Response
Diego Castedo PenaMathematics, North Carolina State Univ.Cancer Tumor Evolution
Sadhana ChidambaranGenetics, Rutgers Univ. New Brunswick/PiscatawayCancer Tumor Evolution
Yi DaiData Analytics, The Ohio State Univ.Modeling Feral Cats
Kevin De AngeliMathematics, Texas A&M Univ. KingsvilleHunting/Gathering Interactions
Alan GanMathematics, Univ. of TennesseeHunting/Gathering Interactions
Brielle KwartaMathematics, Houghton CollegeModeling Feral Cats
Benjamin ReberMathematics, Houghton CollegeEcological Niche Modeling
Hanna ReedMathematics, Univ. of Central FloridaMosquito Population Response
Benjamin SchenckApplied Mathematics & Statistics, College of William and MaryEcological Niche Modeling

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