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NIMBioS 2010 Event Calendar Archive
  January 2010
10-12 NIMBioS Working Group: Cross-Topology Registration.
25-26 NIMBioS Working Group: Feral Swine/Pseudorabies, 2nd meeting
  February 2010
4-6 NIMBioS Working Group: Coalitions and Alliances, 2nd meeting
9 *NIMBioS Tuesday Seminar: Dr. Folashade Agusto, NIMBioS Post-Doc, Optimal Control of the Spread of Malaria Super-Infectivity
17-18 NIMBioS Working Group: Modeling Bovine Tuberculosis
19-21 NIMBioS short-term visitors Jason Hoeksema, Erol Akçay, James Umbanhowar, Sarah Richardson, Ellen Simms, Antonio Golubski, and Miro Kummel. Production Economics of Mutualism: Rhizobial Bail-outs to the Domatia Bubble
22-26 NIMBioS Working Group: Modeling Forest Insects
23 *NIMBioS Tuesday Seminar: Dr. Vitaly Ganusov, NIMBioS Faculty, Dept. of Microbiology, Modeling Control of Viral Infections by CD8 T Cell Responses
26 Seminar: Dr. Mark Lewis, Univ. of Alberta, Plagued by Numbers: Mathematics of Emerging Wildlife Diseases and Their Interactions with Human Activities (Co-sponsored by NIMBioS & EEB, 1:30 pm, Room 403, 1534 White Ave (4th Floor), NIMBioS)
  March 2010
1-3 NIMBioS Working Group: Integrating Functional and Evolutionary Dynamics at Multiple Scales, 2nd meeting
3 Seminar: Dr. Paul Armsworth. Topic: The Optimal Design of Investments in Biodiversity Conservation. 160 Plant Biotechn. Bldg., 12:20–1:10 pm.
23 *NIMBioS Tuesday Seminar: Dr. Qing Nie, UC Irvine, Systems Biology of Cell Signaling
30 *Teatime Talk @ NIMBioS: Dr. Jeremy Van Cleve, Santa Fe Institute, Evolution and epigenetics: genomic imprinting in mammals and stochastic switching in bacteria
  April 2010
6 *NIMBioS Tuesday Seminar: Dr. Yi Mao, NIMBioS Postdoc, Dynamic modeling of proteins: physical basis for molecular evolution
20 *NIMBioS Tuesday Seminar: Dr. Aysegul Birand, EEB Postdoc, Global patterns of species ranges and speciation
22-23 Evaluation Meeting for Biology Research and Education Centers
27-30 NIMBioS Working Group: Food Web Dynamics
30 EEB/NIMBioS Seminar. Speaker: Dr. Brian Beckage, Univ. Vermont, NIMBioS Sabbatical Fellow. Topic: Fires, feedbacks, and the dynamics of ecological communities. 3:30 pm, Rm. 307, Science & Engineering Bldg. Refreshments in Dabney Hall, Rm 568 at 3 pm.
  May 2010
4-7 NIMBioS Working Group: Biological Problems Using Binary Matrices, 3rd meeting
13-15 NIMBioS Investigative Workshop: Modeling Toxoplasma gondii
19-21 NIMBioS Working Group: Multi-scale analysis of cortical networks
  June 2010
Jun 7 - Jul 30 Research Experiences for undergraduates (REU) and veterinary students (REV)
17-18 Biology in a Box Workshop
21-24 NIMBioS Working Group: Ecology of Niche Variation, 2nd meeting
  July 2010
Jun 7 - Jul 30 Research Experiences for undergraduates (REU) and veterinary students (REV)
6-9 NIMBioS Tutorial: Computational Biology Curriculum Development
7-10 Summer School in Biophysics, UT Conference Center
21-23 NIMBioS Investigative Workshop: Modeling Reef Ecosystems
  August 2010
10-12 NIMBioS Working Group: Feral Swine/Pseudorabies, 3rd meeting
16-18 NIMBioS Tutorial: Graph Theory and Biological Networks Tutorial
31 *NIMBioS Tuesday Seminar:Dr. Vlastimil Krivan, Biology Center and Faculty of Science, Ceske Bu dejovice, Czech Republic. On Lotka-Volterra predator-prey games
  September 2010
8 EcoEd Webinar: Math, Computing, Undergraduate Ecology Education and Large Datasets
13-17 NIMBioS Working Group: Function and Evolution, 3rd meeting
14 *NIMBioS Tuesday Seminar: Dr. Xavier Thibert-Plante, NIMBioS postdoctoral fellow. Local adaptation and gene flow shaping biodiversity
28 *NIMBioS Tuesday Seminar: Ross Cressman, Wilfrid Laurier University. Topic: Game experiments on cooperation through punishment and/or reward
  October 2010
11-12 NIMBioS Advisory Board Meeting
12 *NIMBioS Tuesday Seminar: Tom Ingersoll, NIMBioS postdoctoral fellow. Topic: Using the mathematical programming language R for statistical modeling with counts of bats
13-15 NIMBioS Tutorial: High Performance Computing for Phylogenetics
18-21 Modeling Forest Insects, 2nd meeting
26 NIMBioS Special Seminar: Dave McCandlish, NIMBioS short-term visitor. Evolution on the fitness landscape: A spectral approach to analysis and visualization Blount Hall 403B, 1534 White Ave., Suite 400, 11:00 am
26 *NIMBioS Tuesday Seminar: Jeanne Narum, Founding Director of Project Kaleidescope. Topic: Mini-Workshop: Shaping a Meaningful Career in STEM. Seminar Resources
  November 2010
1-30 RB Morris is NIMBioS' Songwriter-in-Residence for November.
4-6 NIMBioS Working Group: Coalitions and Alliances, 3rd meeting
8-10 NIMBioS Investigative Workshop: Mathematical Modeling of Wildlife and Virus Zoonoses
16 *NIMBioS Tuesday Seminar: Peter Turchin, University of Connecticut. Topic: The rise of complex human societies as a major evolutionary transition     Press release     Video interview
18 Seminar: Abdul-Aziz Yakubu (Professor and Chair of the Department of Mathematics, Howard University). Dr. Yakubu is a NIMBioS Postdoctoral Fellows Invited Distinguished Visitor. Topic: Malaria model and optimal use of sulfadoxine-pyrimethamine as a temporary malaria vaccine in Mali. Blount Hall 403B, 1534 White Ave., Suite 400, 2:00 pm
19-20 Undergraduate Research Conference at the Interface of Biology and Mathematics
23 *NIMBioS Tuesday Seminar: R. Tucker Gilman, NIMBioS postdoctoral fellow. Topic: Hybridization, species collapse, and other strange stories
30 *NIMBioS Tuesday Seminar: Philip Crowley, Dept. of Biology, Univ. of Kentucky, Gaming the system: adaptive decision making by plants and animals.
  December 2010
2-4 NIMBioS Working Group: Species Delimitation, 1st meeting
14-17 NIMBioS Working Group: Biological Problems Using Binary Matrices, 4th meeting
16-18 NIMBioS Working Group: Gene Tree Reconciliation, 1st meeting
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