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NIMBioS Tutorial: Migration from the Desktop:
HPC application of R and other codes for biological research

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Monday, May 9th

9:00Greeting from NIMBioS
9:30Introduction to Parallel Computing
10:30Challenges of HPC
Part 1: Introduction
Part 2: HPC Utilities
Scientific Visualization in HPC    Example files (.tar)
Visit Tutorial    Sample data set (.cdf)
11:15Logging on to NAUTILUS
11:45Lunch at NIMBioS
12:45“What are your Development Goals?”
1:15Case Study: Analysis of the All Taxa BioDiversity Inventory from the GSMNP
1:45"Black Box" code and what you can get through data analysis
3:30HPC Lab:
Examples and submissions
5:30 Meet and Greet with Dinner at NIMBioS

Tuesday, May 10th

9:00Case Study: Application of R in Biology
9:30High Performance Computing in R
"Open Box" application
R HPC limitations and application
10:45A little paperwork
10:55Breakout Groups
Power, 1st Steps, Biology Stories
12:00Lunch at NIMBioS
1:00Visualization Lab:
3:30Visualization Lab: R (click below to download program and data files):
R_Graphics.R    mydata100.RData
Quick-R Example on Nautilus (zip file)
5:00Dinner on your own

Wednesday, May 11th

9:00Data Management
10:45Last Minute Wisdom (.txt)
12:00Box Lunches provided
2:00First flights out

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