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The Society for Mathematical Biology
Annual Meeting and Conference, July 25-28, 2012

SMB 2012 Conference Author List

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Presenting author Title/abstract
Ahmed AbdelrazecOptimal control of West Nile virus in mosquitoes, birds, and humans with Season
Maira AguiarRich dynamics in multi-strain models: non-linear dynamics and deterministic chaos in dengue fever epidemiology
Folashade AgustoMalaria drug resistance: The impact of human movement and spatial heterogeneity
Jorge Alfaro-MurilloAn epidemic model with age of infection-dependent transmission rate and waning immunity
Jun AllardPolymerization-driven, adhesion-mediated actin traveling waves in motile cells
Richard AllenStochastic inference of cell migration phenotypes
Andrew AllstadtInterference competition and invasion: Spatial structure, novel weapons, and resistance zones
Nina AlpheyGenetic vector control strategies to reduce the burden of mosquito-borne diseases
Alexander Anderson An Integrative Approach to Cancer (plenary)
Melissa Anthony Spatial Autocorrelation in Species Distribution Models: Simultaneous Incorporation of Multiple Scales of Influence Using a Bayesian Framework (poster)
Paul ArmsworthModeling a time-area closure as a tool for managing U.S. tuna fisheries
Erika AsanoOptimal reproductive strategy for the fire ant (Solenopsis invicta) over multiple seasons
Austin BairdPumping mechanism of the tubular sea squirt heart
H. T. BanksExperimental design for vector output systems
Lorena BarbaProtein electrostatics on a desktop using GPU hardware and multipole algorithms
Jaydeep BardhanFuture-proofing fast electrostatic models for the era of massive parallelism
David Basanta*Studying evolution in prostate cancer with agent based modeling
Andrew BateRabbits killing birds: Hypopredation and limitations of hyperpredation
Basil BayatiOn the influence of high-order nonlinear fluctuations in the multivariate SIR master equation
Banu BaydilData-driven computational modeling of breast tumor aggressiveness
Catherine BeaucheminFlu, where are you?
Stefan BeckerA mathematical model to simulate the progression and treatment of brian metastasis
James BensonOptimal control of a class of PDE and state constrained bio-mass transport problems
Michael Berglund Computational Method for Identifying Space Polygons (poster)
Samit Bhattacharyya RSV and HPIV: do they interact? (poster)
Lydia BilinskySlow passage through a Hopf bifurcation in spatially extended excitable systems: Some examples from neuroscience
Martin BockOn crawling human epidermal keratinocytes
Erin Bodine First-year biomathematics: Considerations, possible frameworks, and resources
Sarah Bogen Agent-based mathematical model for Johne's disease epidemiology and economy (poster)
Ashfaque Bokhari Tumor growth and its monitoring (poster)
Vrushali BokilStochastic models for compteing species with a shared pathogen
Rebecca Borchering A Simple Spatiotemporal Rabies Model for Skunk and Bat Interaction in Northeast Texas (poster)
David BortzAccurate experimental design and model selection computations
Beth Bradley The Search for a Dengue Reservoir in the Aedes Mosquito Population (poster)
Nick BrittonInterspecific kleptoparasitism
Cameron BrowneModeling HIV dynamics under periodic combination drug therapy
Alexander BuckschCanopy network reconstruction from point cloud data
Liam CallaghanModelling plant-pollinator interactions with mixtures of linkage rules
Hannah CallenderChallenges and opportunities for assessment in first semester biocalculus
Jason CantarellaA new model for ring polymers with some exact solutions
Dalton Chaffee The Evolution of Imprinting (poster)
Arnaud ChauviereFrom normal mammary gland development to breast tumor growth: Step-by-step development of a multiscale modeling approach
Xiaolin ChengFast electrostatic calculation in molecular simulation
Duan ChenMultiscale and multiphysics modeling and simulation of proton transport through membrane proteins
Frederick ChenBehavioral responses to epidemics in an online experiment
Lauren ChildsQuantifying strain dynamics of CRISPR-induced host-viral coevolution: Sweeps and coalitions
Rebecca ChisholmBuilding a morphogen gradient without diffusion in a growing tissue
Ching-Shan ChouMathematical modeling of cell morphological change induced by pheromone gradient in yeast
Yao-Li ChuangAdapting a tumor growth model to an evolving domain using a diffuse-domain approach
Maciej ChudekHow exploitation luanched human cooperation: A model of negative indirect reciprocity
Stanca CiupeThe role of e-antigen in immunological tolerance and activation during HBV infection
James ClarkeModelling the short-term dynamic impact and implications of control strategies for Chlamydia trachomatis
Christina CobboldFrom diffusion models to patch models using mean occupancy time
Sarah Collier Modeling the evolution of sexual imprinting (poster)
Shannon CollinsonThe effects of media on influenza infection: An agent-based Monte Carlo simulation
Timothy ComarFrom biocalculus to undergraduate research
Timothy ComarBifurcations in differential equations models for gene regulatory networks
Jessica M. ConwayStochastic model of HIV prevention using anti-retroviral drugs
Michael CortezComparing the eco-coevolutionary dynamics and the eco-evolutionary dynamics of predator-prey systems using fast-slow dynamical systems theory
Elizabeth CouncillA comparative theoretical study of age-structured fish subpopulations
Elena Crosley Modeling Salmonella transmission in swine (poster)
Eric CytrynbaumMechanical modeling of bacterial cell division and the FtsZ ring
Donghai DaiThe origin and mathematical characterization of cancer stem cells based on computer simulated tumor development in uterine epithelium
Abhiram Das SoLID – An Online Community Database of Leaf Images (poster)
Fordyce DavidsonSelective heterogeneity in exoprotease production by Bacilus subtilis
Adriana DawesSpatial localization of Par proteins in the early C. elegans embryo
Judy DayThe role of T-cells in hemorrhagic shock
Troy Day Computability, Gödel's Incompleteness Theorem, and an inherent limit on the predictability of evolution (plenary)
Sandra Delgadillo A numerical study of the evolution of an aggressive heterogeneous tumor with different chemotherapy treatments (poster)
Edgar Delgado-EckertEpistasis on networks: Genetic interactions and network reliability
Jeff DennyA yeast competition lab for teaching mathematical biology
James Dillon Modeling protein translation and genome evolution (poster)
Hana DobrovolnyCharacterizing monotherapy and combination therapy of influenza
Tyler DrakeA model of fission-yeast cell shape driven by membrane-bound growth factors
Brian DrawertPolarized stochastic amplification during mating in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Carolyn Drobak Modeling the Hypothalamic Pituitary Adrenal Axis System for Dexamethasone Treatment (poster)
Vanja DukicBayesian modeling of smoking exposure during pregnancy
Christine Dumoulin Modeling Spatial Information Transfer Across Trophic Levels (poster)
Huijing Du Bacterium Pseudomonas aeruginosa propagates as a ring to result in efficient colonization of surfaces
Yimin DuThe basic in-host model for tuberculosis (TB)
Tripti DuttaVariability in HIV infection in-host: A Monte Carlo Markov chain model
Hermann J. EberlCross diffusion models of biofilm
Hermann J. EberlOn honeybees, varroa destructor, and deadly diseases: A mathematical approach
Heiko EnderlingThe promoting role of a tumor-secreted chemorepellent in self-metastatic tumor progression
Roger Fan Modeling the Electrophysiology of Jellyfish Using the FitzHugh-Nagumo Equations (poster)
Paula FedericoOptimal control in individual based models: Implications from aggregated methods
Kimberly FesselThe nonlinear effects of electromotility in the inner ear
Edward FlachEvolutionary model gives strategy for targeted cancer therapies
Nicholas FlannBioCellion: A high-performance computing framework for multiscale modeling and simulation of multicellular biological systems
Cesar O. FloresPhage-bacteria interaction networks: From nestedness to modularity
Jonathan FordeMathematical mdoels of the role of immune exhaustion in Hepatitis B and delta coinfection
Rachel Fovargue Managing Reef Fish under Stochastic Dispersal Conditions (poster)
John FricksMicrotubule-based transport by multiple identical molecular motors
Brendan FrySimulation of metabolic flow regulation by wall-derived and red-blood-cell-derived mechanisms: Responses to hemodilution
Jan FuhrmannEmerging polymerization fronts in a minimal cytoskeleton model
Jonah Galeota-Sprung Exploring Emergent Behavior in Oscillatory Systems Using Agent-Based Modeling (poster)
Connor Gallagher Dynamical Model of Pollen Tube Tip Geometry (poster)
Jill GallaherBridging scales: Combining population statistics with tissue dynamics to link primary and metastatic disease
Xuefeng GaoThe role of cancer stem cells in radiation response of glioblastoma multiforme
Weihua GengTreecode-accelerated boundary integral Poisson-Boltzmann solver
Estee George Modeling Butanol Production by Clostridium beijerinckii (poster)
Suma GhoshEffect of immunological defense against vector on disease transmission in bird malaria
Michael GilchristUsing mathematical models of ribosome movement and allele fixation to extract information on protein translation from genomic datasets
Antonio GolubskiFood web effects of different types of interaction modifications
Mauricio Gonzalez-ForeroEvolution of advanced eusociality via maternal manipulation
Oscar GonzalezA rigid-base model for DNA structure prediction
Luis Alejandro Mahecha Gonzalez Effects of noise gene expression on background and cooperator-defector fitness. (poster)
Michael GrabeMembrane bending is critical for the stability of voltage sensor segments in the membrane
Matthew GrahamDynamics of stochastic epidemics on heterogeneous networks: Variance of an epidemic during early growth period
Bradford GreeningInfectious disease and families: The effect of long-term social affiliations on the evolution of social complexity in the face of epidemics
Meredith GreerLife cycle dynamics of Gloeotrichia echinulata and connections to nutrient cycling
Frances Hall Harnessing the arsenal of nature: developing natural pesticides (poster)
Jason HammondModeling and simulation of biofilm fragmentation in fluid flow
Johanna HansenCoinfection, competitive-release and the evolution of resistance: A mathematical analysis
Niklas Hartung Metastatic growth in vivo and in silico (poster)
Cameron HarveyMyxococcus xanthus cluster dynamics
Elysia Hassen Comparing the Impact of imposing the Allee Effect on the Predator versus Prey Populations in a Discrete Time Model (poster)
Alan HastingsSimple approaches to dealing with resource pulses: Consequences for persistence and dynamics
Jane HeffernanThe effects of pre-existing immunity in seasonal influenza
Randy HeilandIntroduction to modeling and computational neuroscience using Python
Christine HeitschIntroducing secondary structure profiling for small RNAs
Angelean HendrixMass action kinetics applied to ODE models of the pituitary-ovarian axis: Multiple stable periodic solutions simulate normal and acyclic clinical observations
Kelly Hennessey Modeling early evolution of human immunodeficiency virus (poster)
Sarah HewsUsing biological research articles throughout the first-year mathematics curriculum
Franziska HinkelmannOptimal control on polynomial dynamical systems expedited by use of algebraic geometry
Bill HolmesRegulatory control of response thresholds in polarizing cells
Thomas HouseContagion in a clustered context
Dan HrozencikComparison of Boolean and continuous models for gene regulatory networks
Xi HuoAn age-dependent population model with contact tracing in epidemic diseases
Liliana IroniQualitative simulation of the nonlinear dynamics of gene regulatory networks
Koichi Ito Effect of functional form of interaction on evolution of cooperation (poster)
Karly JacobsenA host-vector model for citrus greening with roguing: Persistence, transients, and other behavior
Henriette JagerThinking outside the channel to design optimal flow regimes that favor salmon populations and energy production
Jozsi Jalics Effects of Tachykinin Receptor Activation on Prefrontal Cortex Neuronal Activity (poster)
Wonju Jeon Theoretical Study of Algal Bloom Dynamics with Akinete Formation and Germination (poster)
Srividhya JeyaramanBoundary formation in developing tissues - a mathematical model for the inter-cellular inductive Notch signaling
Dwueng-Chwuan Jhwueng Modeling stabilizing selection: expanding the Ornstein–Uhlenbeck model of adaptive evolution (poster)
Yi JiangSprouting angiogenesis: An integrated experimental and multiscale modeling study
Alexandra JilkineDiscriminating between models of neutrophil polarity through cell severing and perturbations of cell geometry
Alexandra Jilkine Mathematical Modelling of Mutation Initiation and Acquisition in Stem Cell Driven Cancers (poster)
Hem JoshiTreatment for the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) using highly active antiretroviral theory
Luis JoverMechanisms for coexistence in host-phage systems with nested interaction networks
John JungckCrowdsourcing curriculum development in mathematical biology education
Winfried JustBoolean vs. ODE models of gene regulatory and other systems
Oualid KafiNumerical simulation of blood-wall and blood-plaque interaction in stenosed artery using FSI modelling
Damian KajunguriCost-effectiveness analysis of tsetse and Trypanosoma brucei rhodesiense control through application of insecticides on cattle
Andrew KanarekIndividual-based modeling and the consequences of Allee effects
Irina KarevaCompetition driven cancer immunoediting
Caner KazanciFlux: A new building block for ecological networks
Michael KellyThe impact of spatial arrangements on intervention strategies in epidemic models
Evgeniy KhainCollective behavior of brain tumor cells: The role of hypoxia
Nader El KhatibA mathematical model for the cell membrane deformation
Eunjung KimSenescent fibroblasts: Passive players or deliberate drivers of melanoma initiation and progression
Jae Kyoung KimOn the existence and uniqueness of biological clock models matching experimental data
Munju KimThe role of intracellular mechanical factors in microtubule bundling
Yangjin KimThe role of biomechanics in the breast cancer cell migration: A mathematical model
Hristo Kojouharov Research-oriented education at the intersection of biology and mathematics: The undergraduate training in theoretical ecology research (UTTER) program (poster)
Michio Kondoh Akira Okubo Prize Talk: Ecological complexity and biodiversity maintenance (plenary)
Adam Koss Interspecific competition for algal resources alters disease dynamics in Daphnia (poster)
Roberto Ku Nonlinear Juvenile Predation Population Dynamics (poster)
Alicia Prieto LangaricaFrom discrete to continuous models of cell movement: An application to medical implants
Glenn LedderAn optimization model that links masting to seed herbivory
Glenn LedderUsing Virtual Laboratories to Teach Mathematical Modeling
Tae LeeQuantifying the interaction between neighboring gene circuits in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Maria LeiteStationary distributions of semistochastic processes with disturbances at random times and with random severity
Maud LeluWhen should a trophically and vertically transmitted parasite manipulate its intermediate host? The case of Toxoplasma gondii
Suzanne LenhartA beginning mathematics course to train the new biologists
Herb LevineModels of moving cell morphologies
Sivan LeviyangComputational approaches to the population genetics of early HIV infection
Doron LevyMathematical models for tumor-immune interactions and their applications
Aaron LimHTLV-I infection: A dynamic struggle between viral persistence and host immunity
Rong LiMechanism of cell polarization in budding yeast
Shuwang LiDynamics of a vesicle in viscous fluids
Chun LiuEnergetic variational approaches in the modeling of ionic solutions and ion channels
Yijun LouCost-effectiveness evaluation of vaccination programs against sexually transmitted diseases for different sexes
Sarah LukensEnsemble modeling of symptoms to human immune response of Influenza A virus infection
Dori LuliA neuronal network model of Drosophila antennal lobe
Siding LuoDeterministic and stochastic density-dependent population process in chemostat model
Wes MaciejewskiThe role of vertex degree in evolution on graphs
Paul MacklinIntegration of pathology, radiology, and in vitro data in patient-calibrated cancer simulations: Recent advances and future outlook for ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS)
Bruce MacLennanMathematical principles of morphogenesis applied to nanoscale self-assembly
Gesham MagombedzeAssessment of Th1/Th2 immune response paradigm in Mycobacterium avium subspecies paratuberculosis infections
Joseph MahaffyComputer labs for calculus in the life sciences with WeBWorK
Carrie ManoreLee Segel Prize for best student paper: Spatiotemporal Model of Barley and Cereal Yellow Dwarf Virus (plenary)
Carrie ManoreModeling inter-epidemic persistence of Rift Valley fever in Kruger National Park's African buffalo
Deborah Markham Multiscale Models of Somatic Evolution in Ductal Carcinomas (poster)
Maia MartchevaAvian influenza: Modeling and implications for control
Marco MartinezOptimal control of the gypsy moth populations
Maria Rodriguez MartinezQuantitative modeling of the terminal differentiation of B cells and mechanisms of lymphomagenesis
Tyler MassaroMathematical modeling for cost analysis of EVELISA-based Johne's Disease control
Majid MassoAtomic four-body statistical potential for macromolecular structure analysis
Nicole MayoA statistical analysis of the impact of behavior on the transmission of Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection and the development of drug-resistant strains
Maeve McCarthyModeling facultative paedomorphosis in Arizona Tiger Salamanders
Nathan McClureIs slowing evolution a more effective means of managing antimicrobial resistance than enhancing drug development?
Jessica McGillenA generalized continuum model of tumor acidity and invasion
John McKayMeasles vaccine refusal and its effects on communities
Christopher Finn McQuaidCo-evolution of resource trade-offs driving nestedness in host-parasite networks
Shawn Means Mitochondrial Calcium Handling and the Interstitial Cells of Cajal (poster)
Lauren Ancel Meyers Tracking and curbing the next pandemic (plenary)
Matt MichelSimulations of phenotype-environment associations and their application to forecasting the adapatbility of populations to environmental change
Jason MillerHighs and lows of an interdepartmental undergraduate MathBio program
Christopher MitchellDeath of the bees: A mathematical model of colony collapse disorder in Apis mellifera
Julie MitchellKnowledge-based structural approaches for predicting hot spots of protein binding and allostery
Gabriel Mitchell A Statistical Analysis of Ecosystem Stability from Local and Global Interaction Structure (poster)
Qi MiAgent-based models of wound healing
Alexander Moore Arrow Diagrams Arising from a Synthetic Biology Investigation (poster)
Yoichiro MoriPump-leak models of cell volume and electrolyte control
Anna MummertStudying the recovery algorithm for the time-dependent transmission rate(s) in epidemic models
Mary MyerscoughHoneybee demography: The effects of food and brood
Robyn NadolnyQuantitative vector ecology: Modeling tick-borne disease risk in an ecological context
Toshiyuki NambaEffects of apex consumers cascade dynamically across trophic levels
Rachael M. NeilanOptimal management controls for maximizing the recovery of an endangered fish species
Calistus NgonghalaMosquito demography and nourishment habits can account for observed patterns in malaria transmission
Phuong Nguyen Reaction-Diffusion Models of Compartmentalization of Steroid Synthesis (poster)
Jeffrey NicholsModeling the spread of white-nose syndrome, an emerging disease of bats
Daniel NicholChanging the landscape: Can we use drugs to steer evolution away from resistant phenotypes?
Ben NoltingA spatially explicit analogue of Charnov's marginal value theorem
Jacob Norton Understanding Blood Pressure Regulation through Mathematical Modeling (poster)
Maria Clara NucciSymmetries, conservation laws, Lagrangians, and...quantization of biological systems?
Eric NumforOptimal control applied to immuno-epidemiological models
Matt OremlandApplying heuristic algorithms to optimization problems concerning agent-based models
Karen PageThe AC-DC motif - a circuit which allows cells to respond to morphogen signaling in the vertebrate neural tube
Jennifer PascalMathematical modeling of multi-species motor-cargo transport
Alex PerkinsSources and scales of heterogeneous mosquito-borne pathogen transmission
Matthew Pierson Mathematical Modeling of Growth and Selenium Metabolism of S. maltophilia O2 (poster)
Mykola PinkevychModeling the mechanisms of naturally acquired immunity to malaria
Travis PorcoWhen does overuse of antibiotics become a tragedy of the commons?
Stephanie PortetDynamics of length distributions of in vitro intermediate filaments
Andrea PuglieseExclusion and spatial segregation in the apparent competition between two hosts sharing macroparasites
Hong QinEmergence of cellular aging from a gene network model
Ami RadunskayaDendritic cell vaccines for cancer: A mathematical description
Rosalyn RaelDynamics and evolution of complex food webs networks
Zoi RaptiA mathematical model of Daphnia epidemics: How resources and competitors alter the disease dynamics
Robert ReinerReciprocal movements drive heterogeneity in pathogen transmission
Katarzyna RejniakInvestigating the role of tumor tissue architecture in chemotherapy: From tumor histopathology ot drug efficacy
Tim RelugaThe Endogenation of Immunization
Alan RendallMathematics of the NFAT signalling pathway
Angela ReynoldsThe dynamics of wound healing with elevated cortisol levels
Angela Reynolds A Subsystem Approach to Understanding the Inflammatory Response in a Wound (poster)
Mark Robertson-TessiThe role of metabolic heterogeneity and microenvironmental selection in tumor growth and treatment
Michael RobertA mathematical model for assessing the reduce and replace strategy for combating dengue transmission by Aedes aegypti
Michael Robertinvited talk for minisymposium on Epidemiology of Multi-host Pathogens: Math and Biology Perspectives, title/abstract unavailable
Ignacio Rodriguez-BrenesEvolutionary dynamics of feedback escape and the development of stem-cell-driven cancers
Lisa RogersA mathematical model of the sleep/wake regulatory system
Nicholas Rohacz Continuous Time Markov Chain Models of Gene Regulatory Networks under the Environmental Stress of Cold Shock in Saccharomyces cerevisiae (poster)
Robert RovettiCharacterizing the behavior of a probabilistic lattice model of cardiac calcium release under different spacial and geometric conditions
Carly Rozins Forest Stability Analysis Through Percolation Theory and Mycorrhizal Networks (poster)
Dan RyanA cross-diffusion model for avoidance behavior in an intraguild predation community
Rene SalinasUsing an individual-based model to study the spread of pseudo-rabies virus in feral hogs in Great Smoky Mountains National Park
Ori SargsyanAnalytical framework for identifying and differentiating recent hitchhiking and severe bottleneck effects from multi-locus DNA sequence data
Natasha SavageWhere to draw one's theoretical boundary: One system, one data set, two published models, two opposing conclusions
Steffen SchaperPredicting and preventing evolution from the knowledge of neutral spaces
Tina Anne SchuetzA mathematical multiscale model of the role of microRNA-451 in glioblastoma growth
Richard SchugartUsing a mathematical model to analyze the treatment of a wound infection with oxygen therapy
Elissa SchwartzUnderstanding viral escape from the cellular immune response using computational modeling
Jacob ScottNature vs. nurture in cancer initiation in hierarchical cell populations: A computational model
Rebecca SegalOverview of modeling techniques for wound healing
Nikolaos Sfakianakis
Dietmar Oelz
A finite element method for the simulation of the lamellipodium of living cells
Modelling contractility and antiparallel flows in actomyosin bundles
Muhammad Shamim A Comprehensive Framework for Modeling Intestinal Smooth Muscle Cell Contraction with Applications to Intestinal Edema (poster)
Shimantika Sharma G-DES: An Efficient Software For Microbial Gene-Level Diversity Estimation (poster)
Yingyun ShenUse of lifespan-shortening Wolbachia to control dengue fever: Demographic factors
Katrina Sherbina Dynamical Systems Modeling of the Cold Shock Response in Saccharomyces cerevisiae (poster)
Blerta ShtyllaStochastic modeling of bacterial chromosome segregation
Michael Simpson Footprints in the Noise (plenary)
Daniel Sindelar Modeling Mass Transport During Cell Cryopreservation and Determining Parameters for Cellular Lysis Upon Thawing (poster)
Brajendra SinghSequential modeling of the effects of mass drug treatments on Anopheline-mediated lymphatic filariasis infection in Papua New Guinea
Sarthok SircarSpatially inhomogeneous bacterial clusters in weak shear flow
Robert Smith?A mathematical model of Bieber Fever: The most infectious disease of our time?
Blake Stevison Stoichiometry Driven Patch Foraging: A Nutrient Explicit Dynamic State-Variable Model (poster)
Adam StinchcombeRandomness in the expression of genes
Magdalena StolarskaMathematical models of mechanical aspects of cell motility and cell-substrate interaction
Shaun Strohm Mathematical Model for Mountain Pine Beetle Spread and Impacts of Park Management Strategies (poster)
Wanda StrychalskiComputational explorations of cellular blebbing
Jillian StupianskyAn introduction to citrus greening and a host-vector model with roguing
Rangarajan SudarsanEffect of biofilm deformation on detachment, mass transfer, and growth
Adam SullivanSize structured model for tissue cyst growth of Toxoplasma gondii
M. Shel SwensonTowards an understanding of SHAPE-directed RNA structure prediction accuracy
Daisuke TakahashiIntermittent transitions between rich and poor communities in evolutionarily constructed food webs
Bradford Taylor Not all Parameters Matter: Local and Global Sensitivity Analysis applied to Phage Lambda Lysis/Lysogeny Models (poster)
Silogini ThanarajahThe role of motility and nutrients in bacterial competition and colony formation
Xavier Thibert-PlanteModeling quantitative genetics: How to be genetically explicit
Leifur ThorbergssonControl theoretic methods for experimental design in partially observed Markov decision process
Alina Toma Mathematical Modeling of Tumor Dynamics and Radiotherapy for Early Glioma
Claire Tomlin Insights gained from mathematical modeling of HER2 positive breast cancer (plenary)
Gregory TooleModeling cortical folding with a growing domain turing system
Denis TsygankovStructural basis for dynein motor domain coordination
Rebecca TysonA diffusion-based movement model with two movement modes: Bee-mediated pollen movement
Arpita UpadhyayaActin-driven membrane waves during lymphocyte activation
James VanceSensitivity analysis of a three-species non-linear response omnivory model
Scott Van EppsModeling adhesion of bacteria to artificial surfaces under flowing conditions
Ben VaughanA mathematical model of the influence of hydrodynamics on quorum sensing in bacterial biofilms
Vanessa VenturiA computational biology approach predicts that NKT and MAIT invariant TCRα sequences can be produced efficiently by VJ gene recombination
Gregory VogelMulti-type Branching Process Model of CD4+ Memory T cell differentiation
Tina VuQuorum sensing interaction and the effect of antibiotic on the dynamics of two types of bacteria
Dorothy WallaceModeling predator-prey equations for Ambystoma tigrinum in the presence of phenotypic plasticity
Qixuan Wang2D swimming at low Reynolds number
Xueying WangA stochastic model for transmission, extinction and outbreak of Escherichia coli O157:H7 in cattle as affected by ambient temperature and pathogen cleaning practices
Xujing WangThe role of glucose-dependent mobilization and priming of insulin granules in the biphasic insulin secretion
John WardContinuum model descriptions of bacterial biofilms
Talitha WashingtonDesigning a research-based mathematical biology course
Guowei WeiVariational multiscale models for ion channel transport
Nathan Weinstein A Computational Model of the Network that Controls Fate Determination and Cell Fusion in the Vulval Precursor Cells of Caenorhabditis elegans
Joshua WeitzA neutral theory of genome evolution and the frequency distribution of genes
Chad WellsThe impact of personal experiences with infection and vaccination on behaviour-incidence dynamics of seasonal influenza
Marleen WerkmanInvestigating the effectiveness of regionalized movement bans for the control of foot and mouth disease in the UK
Benjamin WernerResistance development to molecular targeted treatment strategies
Diana WhiteA mathematical model for pattern formation of microtubules in the presence of motor proteins
K. A. Jane WhiteUnderstanding the impact of vaccination strategy: HPV as a case study
Kathleen WilkieImmune modulation of tumor growth through inflammation and predation
Bridget WilsonOvarian tumor attachment, invasion and vascularization reflect unique microenvironments in the peritoneum: Insights from intravital imaging and mathematical modeling
Jeremy Wojdak SUMS4BIO – Increasing quantitative sophistication across the undergraduate biology curriculum: horizontal and vertical integration across courses. (poster)
Lani WuEvolving cross-talk in the neutrophil polarity network
Stephanie WuBugs, babies, and breast milk: A mathematical model
Jianhua XingCoupling between switching regulation and torque generation in bacterial flagellar motor
Zhiliang Xu Multiscale Model of Platelet Aggregation
Mohammed Yahdi Modeling the Effect of Diversity in Host Plant-Herbivore-Predator Interactions (poster)
Atsushi YamauchiOptimal reaction norm for varying environmental states
Yiding Yang Kinetics of CD8+ T Cell Responses during Primary HIV-1 Infection (poster)
Guangming YaoMeshless solutions to PDE model for calcium signaling in ventricular myocytes
Tau-Mu YiSystems biology of G-protein sensing and response during cell polarity
Jin YuRatcheting polymerase through DNA with small translocation energy bias
Jize Zhang Modeling of Measles Epidemics By Realistic Age-Structured (RAS) Approach and Examining the Effects of Vaccination Through Individual-based Modeling (poster)
Ruijun ZhaoA mathematical model of schistosomiasis with control strategies
Shan ZhaoFast simulations of pseudo-time coupled nonlinear biomolecular solvation systems
Xiaopeng ZhaoAgent-based modeling and approximation for Toxoplasma gondii transmission dynamics in a virtual farm
Xiaopeng Zhao A Mathematical Model for Within-host Toxoplasma gondii Invasion Dynamics (poster)
Ying ZhouDispersal limits and climate-driven range shifts: An integrodifference equation perspective
Yongcheng ZhouElectrodiffusion of lipids on membrane surfaces
Pavel ZhuravlevTheory of acitve transport in filopodia and stereocilia